Steve Daniecki, Personal Trainer

Meet Steve Daniecki

Steve Daniecki has been in the fitness industry for over 12 years working as a personal trainer. He is certified through NCSF (National council on strength and fitness) and has helped many people over the years achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. Whatever your fitness goals may be (muscle gain, fat loss, overall health) he can help. Currently he will be here every Wednesday performing consultations by appointment only.

During their consultation, customers can expect to have their body fat percentage tested, along with their current weight taken, Also, we will find their target heart rate zone which is unique to them because it’s based on their age and resting heart rate. This is important to know in order to make sure your heart rate is elevated enough to be burning fat. We will also do a postural assessment to make sure their movement mechanics are where they should be, and if not, we’ll give recommendations on corrective stretches and exercises they can perform to fix this. Lastly, we will talk about strength training, cardio, and nutrition, and how we combine all 3 of these to get them to their fitness goals the quickest, and safest way possible.

Using Steve’s guidance and training programs, his results are unparalleled.